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Nuts Incorporated is a leading producer of hazelnuts and almonds, with expansive orchards located in prime growing regions across Georgia. Our orchards cover a total of 800 hectares for almonds and 2,200 hectares for hazelnuts.

Our commitment to quality extends from cultivation to processing. Equipped with advanced facilities, we oversee every aspect of production, ensuring our products consistently meet stringent international standards.

By leveraging cutting-edge agricultural technologies, we guarantee a reliable supply of premium almonds and hazelnuts, ready for export.

At Nuts Incorporated, we take pride in our orchards and processing facilities.

Utilizing sophisticated harvesting and post-harvest techniques, along with seamless automation, we maintain strict quality controls throughout our operations.

With state-of-the-art processes, including hulling, sorting, drying, cracking, milling, and grinding, we can process an impressive 2,000 tons of almonds and over 3,000 tons of hazelnuts annually.  


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Our locations

Flourishing Orchards in Eastern and Western Georgia

Nuts Incorporated operates throughout Eastern and Western Georgia, proudly owning and managing expansive orchards totaling approximately 3100 hectares. Our portfolio features 2500 hectares of thriving hazelnut orchards in Western Georgia and an additional 600 hectares dedicated to flourishing almond orchards in Eastern Georgia.

From Our Orchards to You - A Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality allows us to guarantee the finest almond and hazelnut as well as the almond and hazelnut products, always meeting the specifications requested by our customers. By owning our orchards and manufacturing facilities, we have full control and reliable traceability over every stage of production, from cultivation and harvest to processing, packaging, and delivery. Along with ISO 22000 certification, we consistently and reliably deliver the products of exceptional quality.

Our Environmental Responsibility

One of the factors that set us apart is our commitment to environmental responsibility. Transportation from Georgia offers significant environmental advantages. This is due to reduced transportation distances, which not only lower carbon emissions but also result in fresher, more environmentally friendly products. Furthermore, Georgia's strategic location enables us to benefit from efficient sea routes, contributing to reduced shipping time and costs.

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