Most Beautiful Almond Blossoms in our Orchards

Almond bloom in spring is one of the best sights you will see in Georgia


Hazelnut and Almond Producers Company

Nuts Incorporated ensures reliable supplies of premium quality, export-ready Hazelnut and Almond that consistently meet demanding international standards


Supplying the World with Premium Quality Hazelnut and Almond

Our commitment to quality allows us to guarantee the finest almond and hazelnut as well as the products, always meeting the specifications requested by our customers

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From Our Orchards to You - A Commitment to Quality

With state-of-the-art technologies, we have stream-lined hulling, sorting, drying, crushing, milling, and grinding processes

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Consistently deliver products of exceptional quality

We have full control and reliable traceability over every stage of production, from cultivation and harvest to processing, packaging, and delivery

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Our Products

Explore Our Range of Georgia-Grown Nuts and Almonds

Discover a Wholesome Variety of Georgia-Grown Nuts and Almonds, Crafted with Care for Your Health and Pleasure


Our Valued Partnerships

Harnessing the Power of Trusted and Renowned Partnerships to Drive Excellence and Foster Innovation


Our valued partnerships

The Business Group, founded in 2018, is a Eastern and Western Georgia based company, that works in Agricultural sector. The company is the one of the largest owners of orchards in the country, having purchased and developed approximately 3100 hectares. 2500 hectares of hazelnut orchards are located in Western Georgia. 600 hectares of almond orchards are located in Eastern Georgia
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